Wednesday, August 5, 2009

family get-away

After a very busy week, we got to take a two day/one night trip up to Melbourne Beach and play! So nice to spend time together and just do nothing. This RV campsite is right on the beach- oh so fun!

I think they were building the great wall of China, only Kylie kept destroying it.

Breakfast with an ocean view

This is the view we woke up to

Mommy making bacon and eggs

Mackenzie trying to keep Kylie occupied

Homemade creamsicles...yummy!

Brendan and Mackenzie with their new friend, Nick

Oh lazy day

Checkin' out the view from the back of the trailer

Our little beach baby

This one's hard to see, but Mackenzie is on Donathan's shoulders, riding the wave tandem.

Our little boogie boarders. I think they could do this all day