Thursday, July 31, 2008

dedication day...again

Kylie was dedicated by Pastor Jim at CC Vero Beach a few months ago, but it meant a lot to the family to have her dedicated by Pastor Chuck as well. He dedicated me and all our kids and Golden's kids, so it was special. Afterwards, we went to Fashion Island with family and friends to eat some good food. Gotta stock up while we're in California :)

Auntie Debbie with Kylie

The kids playing on the carousel at Fashion Island

Donathan's Grandmother was here visiting from the Philippines. So glad we got to see her and she got to meet Kylie for the first time.

wedding day

Here's just a few pics of the wedding. Still waiting for more to come.

Uncle Steve with the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Bride and Groom's first dance

Daddy and Mackenzie tearing it up on the dance floor. That girl would have danced all night if she could have!

Daddy helping Brendan get ready for the big day.

Brendan and Kenzie waiting for their big entrance.

Brendan, Mackenzie and Daddy right after the ceremony

rehearsal dinner

The dinner was at a Mexican restaurant in Solana Beach. We didn't last too long seeing as the kids were getting tired and we had a long drive back to Golden's house.

The bride and groom

Daddy & Kylie

Isn't she just too cute?

It was mostly Allie's family there since they all live in the San Diego area. Our family flew in from all over and weren't able to make it that day.

Uncle Steve with Mackenzie and Brendan

wedding rehearsal

Here's a few pics of the rehearsal. It was a beautiful venue, but blazing hot that day-I felt like we were in Florida!

san diego

Our flight left in the evening on Monday, so we went down to San Diego early and spent the afternoon at Harbor Island looking at the historical ships. Donathan was in heaven. For those of you who don't know, he is a sailor and has grown up with yachts and looooooves tall ships, so we have hundreds of pictures of riggings and all that fun stuff, which I won't bore you with.

This ship is the Star of India. It is the world's oldest active ship, built in 1863.

Brendan and Kenzie learning to shorten sail.

Manning the capstan

This ship is the HMS Surprise, used in the movie "Master and Commander"-of course, a favorite of Donathan's.

Brendan aboard a B-39 Soviet Attack Submarine.

We had such a good time-perfect weather too. Wish we could've stayed a little longer.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

birthday bash in california

This is a little music video Golden put together. We celebrated 3 Preciado birthdays on Friday with Donathan's family. The kids had a such a blast with all their cousins this trip.

Thanks for the pics debbie!

Dad, Steve and Mom at the wedding

Kenzie getting her hair done

hopefully more coming soon...


She's crawling.

She did her first "long distance" crawl at the San Diego airport. Guess we'll have to do a little babyproofing in our house.

we're back

Well, we made it back yesterday from a week long trip to California. We took the red-eye on the return flight to save money on tickets, but we paid for it yesterday. However, I think we're almost back to normal, whatever that is. Since I forgot to bring the camera, I'm dependent on friends and family to get me some pictures. Once I have some, I will post them. My brother's wedding was wonderful and the kiddos did great. So glad I got to see my sister, even if it was really short. It's been two years and I hope it won't be that long again! We also got to spend some time with Donathan's sister and family since we stayed at their house. They are getting ready to leave for Honduras for 10 months. Check out their blog to see where they're going and what they will be doing. (Their link is on the side.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

swing time

We made a quick trip to the park after dinner last night. This was Kylie's first experience on the swing. Isn't she cute?

play day

During summer, we usually go to the beach every week. These days we have to haul a lot more stuff, but it's worth it. This time we went with our good friends, the Blunts.

Friday, July 11, 2008

backyard paradise

This is one of Donathan's creative outlets. The backyard used to be a lawn and it turned into this! The waterfall has a leak somewhere, so I'm sure that in the process of fixing it, it will turn into something bigger and better. No doubt we'll end up with a Lazy River around our house and we'll start charging admission. (Now if only the mosquitoes would just go away...)