Monday, January 17, 2011

december birthdays

Well, I'm a little late on this post, but late is better than never...

First birthday up: Kylie's #3! We were going to have a small party with some of our close friends, but our whole family ended up getting sick, the week before Christmas of course, so Grandma and Grandpa were the brave ones to come over to celebrate with us. We didn't even have dessert! I'm sure this is the last year that she'll go for that!

Eating her favorite meal

Her present from Mommy and Daddy. If you were to see it now, it usually has about 3 purses hanging off it, 2 babies and a plethora of small toys in the bottom basket.

Her gift from Auntie Debbie and Uncle Jeremy-she was quite happy with it!

I guess now would be a good time to give a Kylie update. Oh, where to begin...I can't figure out where this child came from. She is nothing like me or Donathan! She has such a spunky personality-super sweet and super feisty. She is friendly and outgoing, unless you ask her to be, and then her stubborn nature kicks in. And boy, is she stubborn, with a temper to match. She is very intelligent, and she's great at being sneaky when she knows she's being naughty. She is affectionate and is mostly a mama's girl at this point, and I am enjoying every snuggle I get. She alternates between playing well with her siblings to antagonizing them, which is true of all siblings I suppose. All three of my kids sucked their thumbs and each would have something else to go with it. Brendan sucked his thumb and twirled his hair. Mackenzie sucked her thumb and rubbed her nose. Kylie developed a habit over this year that is unique to her: She sucks her thumb and has to rub someone else's thumbnail at the same time, and she's very particular about it! She loves to sing and do "ballet" which is any kind of dancing. And if she had her way, she would wear ballet dresses 24/7. I have to hide them if I want her to wear anything else. She is still the pickiest eater I have ever encountered. No, really. But Donathan has decided to win the food battle, and you should see what it takes to get a bite of food down her...
I can't believe my baby isn't a baby anymore. I'm looking forward to watching her grow, but I'm also a little sad that those years are over.

Next birthday!
Poor Donathan gets jipped since his birthday is a few days after Christmas. But since the prior weeks were so busy, it was nice to just kick back.
We spent the afternoon at Riverside Park shooting off rockets and watching the kiddos run around.

Daddy and his girls

Lighting the birthday candles. No surprise there...