Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brendan's Impressions of Montana

I almost did it, but I just couldn’t. We were on a rafting trip and we were jumping off of a forty foot cliff. It was too high. Living in Montana is AWESOME! It’s pretty, it’s fun, it’s just amazing! There is not even a million people in Montana. There’s also a lot of animals here. I’ve seen at least ten deer, at least five bald eagles, one black bear (which ran in the middle of the road and almost got run over), more than a hundred gofers, at least a hundred robins, and many, many more. The mountains are AMAZING here! The closest mountain to us is called Dog Mountain, which from the bottom it doesn’t look high, but from the top it looks like it’s a million miles high! Dog Mountain is right next to Dog Lake, which is right next (actually connected) to Dog Creek. The Crick (as we call it) is really fun to play in. Most of it is like one foot deep, so we can run around and splash in it. The people are really nice here too. The staff, Caleb, Michelle, Chris, Joe, Klein, Olivia, Izzy, Courtney, Pastor Jim and Patty, Pastor Steve, Pastor Mike and Pam Rozelle, and finally, Pastor Daddy and Mommy. I’m having lots of fun here (you’ve probably figured that out by now). I am starting to make movies which is really fun! Oh, and by the way, keep an eye out for the Brendan10 News Update, it should be around here somewhere. I work in the kitchen which is fun because I get to taste test them. I also work at the lodge, which is where the horses are kept. I feed them and scoop their manure and pull weeds.