Friday, February 27, 2009

foundation of the church

Tonight we gathered as a body and wrote Scripture on the floor of the sanctuary before they lay the carpet next week. It is our desire that Calvary Chapel be founded on God's Word alone. As we were worshipping tonight, I was struck again by the beauty of the body of Christ. There is nothing that compares to being with fellow believers who love Jesus and are adoring Him together. I love hearing all the voices singing; it gives us a very small taste of what heaven will be like!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

look alikes

People occasionally ask who the kids look like, so I decided to dig through the photo albums. I can't believe how similar Kylie and Mackenzie are!
Kylie at 13 months

Mackenzie at around 15 months

Mackenzie 12 months

Kylie 12 months

It is so strange to look at your children and see yourself there!

Monday, February 23, 2009

ghana trip photos

These are the only pictures I have (thanks Nick!) since Donathan only brought the video camera.

Somewhere in Ghana

Poor little guinea fowl. And we have the video of the decapitation. Nice...

At the airport waiting to go home and feeling really awful.

Rob and Donathan trying to earn some money in Frankfurt, Germany where they had an 8 hour layover.

Still in Frankfurt. I don't think the accordian man spoke English either. I guess music is the universal language.

There are some more pics on Cheryl's blog if you'd like to actually see more of Africa! (Her link is on the side.)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

today's bible lesson

Mommy: "Mackenzie, what did you learn in church today?"
Mackenzie: "About cleaning feet."
Mommy: "Why did Jesus clean their feet?"
Mackenzie: "Because they were dirty."
Mommy: "But why did He wash their feet?"
Mackenzie: "Because there was no bathroom."

Well, at least she is learning about hygiene...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I've heard from Donathan a few times since they went into the North. Thankfully the phone works, even though it is sometimes touch and go. Everything is going well. Yesterday, he and three others from the group went to 4 or 5 schools. They started off by teaching the kids some songs, then someone would share the gospel. He said that a lot of kids raised their hands to receive Jesus. Of course, only the Lord knows the hearts, but they are receptive to the message. They rest in the afternoon, and then show the Jesus film at night. I guess it's sweltering hot and kind of drains your energy. Anyways, just wanted to give an update and thank you for your continued prayer.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

toddler days

You know, it's been a few years since we've had toddlers in the household and I think I conveniently forgot many things, like:

Picky, picky eater. Kylie is by far the pickiest of the three yet. I am hoping she outgrows this phase rather quickly. She survives on pizza, dairy and pasta. I'm not sure what happened since she used to eat every veggie and fruit I gave her. I'm sure it's payback for my picky eating habits as a child.

Climbing into and onto every imaginable space (and then getting stuck). Today I found her standing on Mackenzie's play table. Guess she can climb more than I thought.

Helping with the laundry by wiping her runny nose on the clean clothes.

Emptying out the kitchen drawers several times a day and dragging their contents all over the house.

Playing with her crazy siblings who found some boxes and decided they were boats. They threw a bunch of play food in them and "rowed" around the house, which led to building tents in the living room.

Oh, these are the moments I live for. I must be really emotional since Donathan left for Ghana since I want to cry every time I see these pictures.

Oh yes, and today Kylie found a little bottle of glittery nail polish that Mackenzie got in a party gift bag. At least it was clear...

Ghana update: I got a quick 90 second phone call from Donathan to say they made it to Accra today and will be flying into the North tomorrow. They will be sharing the gospel hut to hut and showing the Jesus film. This trip will be a little more difficult since they will be camping! Please continue to keep them in prayer!!