Monday, June 9, 2008

day one without daddy

This has pretty much been our day after we finished schooling this morning...

also known as "bad parenting." However, I had a horrible no caffeine/sleep headache all day and couldn't do much else. I think we've hit our video quota for the week. Don't worry, Daddy, we'll do better the rest of the time! (I hope)
Please keep Donathan and the guys in your prayers as they should have landed in Costa Rica and are making the 4.5 hour drive to Puerto Viejo. To see where they are, check out
as they join the team there for this week.


chewhi said...

oh Kimberly... let's not talk about "bad" parenting :)

we're keeping them in our prayers.

Deb said...

I see nothing wrong with this picture ;) And I totally understand the no caffeine headache... it's not purty.