Saturday, September 26, 2009

blue springs and fort wilderness

We just got back from a five day camping vacation with the Blunts to Blue Springs and Disney's Fort Wilderness. We had such a great time and wish we could've stayed longer. Here's just a few pics of our experience.

One of many bike rides this past week

Getting in Blue Springs for the first time

Whit, Mackenzie and Brendan getting used to the cold water.

Rebecca gently prodding JJ into the water. Okay, maybe more like throwing him in...

Rich and JJ

Mackenzie decided to be brave and take the plunge!

Now Brendan...


This is the closest you'll see me to the water. I don't like to feel like an ice cube when I'm swimming :)

Donathan doing an illegal dive

Kylie wasn't too sure about this

Donathan, Kylie and I rowed the sabot over to the swimming entrance and then Donathan took the kiddos for a ride to the head of the springs.

The kids attempted to fish, but there were no bites

A before-bedtime viewing of Cinderella-Kylie's favorite movie these days.

The toddler waterslide at Fort Wilderness. Once she got used to it, she loved it!

Brendan on the big kid waterslide

At the campfire sing-a-long at Fort Wilderness

Kylie watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from Fort Wilderness


Cheryl said...

cool, cool, cool!!

I heard Dono can hold his breath for a very long time!

Deb said...

That looks like so much fun! My boys would love that!

Noah's Adventures said...

Looks like so much fun, I love all your camping adventures!