Thursday, April 8, 2010

easter 2010

I can't believe Easter has already come and gone. The weeks prior to Easter Sunday had been difficult, but God is always faithful and we were very blessed by all that He did, not only in our lives, but the lives of others. I am always humbled by the thought that He chooses to use us, in any capacity, even when we are discouraged and doubtful. I think back to the first Easter we were here in Florida and there were maybe 30 people meeting in the little Seventh Day Adventist building. And now to see more than a thousand people gather together, hungry for God's word, is amazing to me. We love our family at Calvary Chapel Vero Beach and are thankful that we get to be a part. As I reflect on all that this day means to us, I am once again overcome by His grace and truly grateful for the hope that we have in Him.

Well, I told myself I would take more pictures this year and of course, I didn't. But here are a few snapshots of our weekend, in no particular order.

Kylie throwing a tantrum...there's a shocker

Brendan opening his Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa

Donathan and the kids doing the Resurrection Eggs. This year they were able to tell us most of the story rather than the other way around.

Kylie showing Ethel her finds

Polly and Ethel joining our family :)

Easter Sunday at Riverside Park

Our kiddos on Easter Sunday morning

Thursday, setting up for the weekend

The rest home had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids again this year. A few of the residents and workers came to Easter in the Park!

Kylie found the golden egg!! ($5-pretty sweet)


Cheryl said...

great pictures... love that Polly and Ethel joined you guys too! We need a relaxing talk to catch up sometime!

Deb said...

Great pictures! Wow, your Easter looked like Easter! Ours looked like the Justice League! ;)

Give the kiddos big hugs from me!

kimberly said...

Debbie-well, at least it made Dylan happy! :) It will be looking like Star Wars around here soon...
Cheryl-yes, we loved having them with us. They are such fun! I'd love a relaxing talk...don't have much of that around here :)