Thursday, July 31, 2008

wedding day

Here's just a few pics of the wedding. Still waiting for more to come.

Uncle Steve with the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Bride and Groom's first dance

Daddy and Mackenzie tearing it up on the dance floor. That girl would have danced all night if she could have!

Daddy helping Brendan get ready for the big day.

Brendan and Kenzie waiting for their big entrance.

Brendan, Mackenzie and Daddy right after the ceremony


Deb said...

I just loved watching Donathan and Mackenzie dancing! Please tell me that Evan got that on video!!!

chewhi said...

these are just SO good... I can just imagine how you felt watching them during all this... they're getting so big!

Was this Donothan's first wedding?

kimberly said...

sure was and he did great!

Deb said...

I second that! Donathan did an awesome job!

chewhi said...

man... I keep doing that...DonAthan. I want an "o" there because everyone calls him Dono.

kimberly said...

no worries. everyone does that :)