Thursday, July 31, 2008

dedication day...again

Kylie was dedicated by Pastor Jim at CC Vero Beach a few months ago, but it meant a lot to the family to have her dedicated by Pastor Chuck as well. He dedicated me and all our kids and Golden's kids, so it was special. Afterwards, we went to Fashion Island with family and friends to eat some good food. Gotta stock up while we're in California :)

Auntie Debbie with Kylie

The kids playing on the carousel at Fashion Island

Donathan's Grandmother was here visiting from the Philippines. So glad we got to see her and she got to meet Kylie for the first time.


Deb said...

Yeah!!! Pics... of course, you could have cropped me out of that one... hehe. I had so much fun with the kids that day, especially sugaring them up with ice cream! ;)

chewhi said...

Deb...I was thinking how great you look so hush!

I'll have to hear about grandma in the Philippines sometime.