Tuesday, September 23, 2008

las fotos de honduras

(These are in a somewhat random order)

One of those rare moments the internet was working. Rebecca checking email (or etsy:)

Pippi Longstocking

On the bridge near a waterfall which I can't remember the name of

On our way to the nameless waterfall

Rich, Donathan and Michael on the same bridge.

There's that waterfall again

And again.

Donathan & Rich building a screen door for Mike & Golden's apartment

Looking thrilled with the results of the finished door

Kylie hanging out at Mike & Golden's place

Waiting at the airport

Daddy and Kylie on the first morning. This was the view we had from our "cabana". It was absolutely beautiful.

Kylie and I with our car. Bet you didn't know you could off-road in a Corolla...

Rich and Rebecca


chewhi said...

absolutely beautiful pictures!! The ones of you guys with the tiki hut type building and the rainforest background... gotta hang those up somewhere! Not everyone has one like that! The picture of Dono and Rich was too cute... they were worn out, huh?

kimberly said...

yeah, but i think they enjoyed being a little dramatic :)

Deb said...

LOL Great pics. And no, I wasn't aware that one could offroad in a Corolla. ;)

Whit said...

Thanks for sharing, Kimberly! You guys looked pretty hot and sweaty from the waterfall hike :) I can relate!!

Kristin and Hudson Roberds said...
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Kristin and Hudson Roberds said...

Beautiful pictures, but nothing can compare to the video footage of Donothan falling over in the water!(: JUST TEASING DONOTHAN...