Wednesday, September 17, 2008

quick update

We are having a wonderful time in Honduras. Yesterday we spent most of the day with Mike and Golden and their family. Good times visiting. Last night we had a barbecue with the pastor of CC Pena Blanca and some of the teachers of the bilingual school. We ended the night with a time of worship around the campfire. Today we saw the school, visited an amazing daycare run by a very special nun and saw the building site of CC Pena Blanca. Honduras is absolutely beautiful. This is my first experience in a 3rd world country, excluding Tijuana. I'm convinced everyone should go at least one time in their life. Tell more later. Kylie is doing great. We've been really blessed and having a wonderful time fellowshipping with Rich and Rebecca as well. Tomorrow is our last full day here and then we head home on Friday. Continue to pray for us. God bless!


'Page' Morgan :] said...

I am praying for you guys! What an amazing time it sounds like your having! It was such a blessing to see you guys sunday! Glad to be home! Ill be praying for your time there and flight back! God bless!

Joshua 9 <3

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Deb said...

Glad things are going well!

Barbara said...

Happy that everything is going well.

PS Keisel & Leisel send a big MEOW!