Monday, February 23, 2009

ghana trip photos

These are the only pictures I have (thanks Nick!) since Donathan only brought the video camera.

Somewhere in Ghana

Poor little guinea fowl. And we have the video of the decapitation. Nice...

At the airport waiting to go home and feeling really awful.

Rob and Donathan trying to earn some money in Frankfurt, Germany where they had an 8 hour layover.

Still in Frankfurt. I don't think the accordian man spoke English either. I guess music is the universal language.

There are some more pics on Cheryl's blog if you'd like to actually see more of Africa! (Her link is on the side.)


Cheryl said...

Hey! I'll make sure to burn a CD for you... Sam took a lot of photos... yeah, surprised me too!

The Blunt Family said...

ok, so the GUINEA FOWL picture is even better than described...YUCK!---just like Cheryl's pics, these made me SUPER jealous of those guys......ugh, i wish we could've gone!


GailOBrown said...

O.K. now...why was the fowl decapitated and who did it?
Please don't tell me Dono!! :(

kimberly said...

ha, no it wasn't Donathan, thank goodness. :) it was decapitated because it was going to be eaten. but this time, Donathan didn't eat it; learned that from the last trip