Saturday, January 2, 2010

key largo

We got to spend a few days camping in Key Largo with Nana and Papa this past week. We've never been further south than Miami since we've lived here, so this was a fun treat for us. So beautiful and the weather was gorgeous. Hopefully we'll make it further south to Key West sometime this year. So here's a few snapshots of our trip:

Brendan keeping Kylie entertained in the trailer

Looking at the full moon

On board the half-sister ship of Hemingway's "Pilar"

Had to pull off the road to get this touristy pic :)

Nana and Kylie on the dock right by our campsite

Our own tiny private beach

Some much needed r & r

Getting ready for our looooong drive


Deb said...

Jeremy loved Key West, and wants to go back. It looks like you had a fun and relaxing time! I'm envious of the weather you had! I'm so done with winter (and it just started! lol).

Cheryl said...

great pictures showing a fun time! I've never been, Rod went once before we moved down here.

kimberly said...

We are hoping to go without children if we them, but I think Key West would be more restful w/o them :)
Debbie, I'm done with winter too and we haven't even had one! I finally got to wear my fake ugg boots. It's in the 30's at night here this week. Waaaaayy to cold for my blood! God knew to put you in OR and me in FL!