Friday, April 8, 2011


So I thought I would share some essays today for your reading enjoyment.
(All spelling will be left as written by the authors.)

Mackenzie's Expository Paragraph: My Favorite Foods

I have two favorite foods. These foods are spugety and green beans. My first favorite food is spugety. I like spugety because it tased good, very good. My second favorite food is green beans. Green beans make me say thank you to mommy. My favorite foods mak me want to eat.

Brendan's Narrative Essay: In the Jungle

"Is this one? No, it's not. Wait! I think I found one! Yes, I did." It was a foggy morning, and John was looking for valuble rocks that he could study in a jungle that he had found.
"OK, I think I should be heading...where's the mark?! I left it right here! Oh, I should've stopped." So he started walking the direction that he came.
"I know I went this way," he thought.
"Boy am I hungry; I wish I had something to eat," he said to himself. He checked his watch; it said it was two o'clock. So he started looking for food. After about one hour, he found a banana tree, so he ate a few, then continued to find his way back. Then, suddenly, the ground gave way! He had to save himself! He grabbed a vine just in time.
"I wish I could get up here-"
"Hey! CUT!!!!!!!!" shouted the director.
"You're supposed to say, 'there,' not 'here.' You need to practice a little more, OK?" he said.
They were making a movie called "The Lost Jungle."

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Deb said...

I see that Brendan is working his creative writing skills... tell him I said to keep up the good work!

And thanks to Miss M, I got a good chuckle! I'm very impressed with her work, too!

Good job, mama!