Monday, August 25, 2008

baby kylie

She is 8 months old now! I can hardly believe it. Her first tooth popped through two days ago, which explains why she's been a little cranky lately. She pulls herself up everywhere and hasn't figured out how to sit down yet, so hopefully she'll catch on in the next few weeks. Here is her first experience with the piano:


chewhi said...

when she hit those 3 notes, I was like, "no...couldn't be" because, as musical as your family is, I was wondering if she was gonna launch into that heart and soul song! Child prodigy!

Deb said...

*Standing ovation*

That was wonderful Kylie! ;)

Oh Kim, 3 mobile kids... I feel for you! LOL

Melissa said...

Caden just got his FOURTH tooth and he has started crawling. Of all the things he could do early, WHY THOSE TWO?????? :-) They are so fun, aren't they? That is why we love them--they always surprise us. Kylie is precious, just like her momma:-) Love ya!

Erica said...


We have been back from our trip for two days (feels like we were gone two months!)

I enjoyed catching up on your pics - you definitely have had an eventful summer!
See you Thursday!